Glam “Copper” Glitter Butter


Pure Skin’s whipped glitter butter adds a warm bronze tone with a touch of sparkle. We blended the many benefits of pure African shea butter with a beautiful copper mica to illuminate your gorgeous skin. 


Key Ingredients:

Shea butter: Provides relief for dry cracked skin. Anti-aging. Restores skin elasticity. Reduces the appearance of stretch marks. Reduces skin inflammation 


Extra virgin Rosehip seed oil: Brightens skin. Increases collagen production. Deeply hydrates dry skin.

Full ingredient list:
Unrefined Shea butter, sweet almond oil, black cumin seed oil, extra virgin rosehip seed oil, Argan oil, lavender, fragrance, mica. 

Please be advised:
Pure Skin is not responsible for allergic reactions. Please conduct a patch test. This product is all natural and made without preservatives and is therefore heat sensitive. Store in a cool, dry place. Getting water in the butter will result in lower shelf life of the product.